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31 October, 2018
By G-Team in Partnership
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When it comes to payroll, companies tend to have a difficult time classifying them under the appropriate department. Should payroll come under the purview of the Human Resources or Accounting department?Nike Jordan Super Fly 5
Human Resources might seem to be more appropriate given that it is the department which holds the key to employees’ salary information. On the other hand, Accounting might be a suitable department as well given that these are the people who deals with numbers and taxes every day.

Instead of spending too much time trying to figure out where payroll should fall under, think about payroll outsourcing. With technology today, outsourcing administrative tasks such as human resources and payroll processing can be a great way to improve and enhance an organisation’s processes.

There are many payroll software out there in the market, why Gpayroll is increasingly becoming a popular choice among the accountants? Here are a couple of reasons why.
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The only payroll technology that works for you.

For you
: Streamline work by leveraging our seamless integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Provident Fund boards and banks. Reduce errors with Gpayroll’s automated payroll filing and salary payments. Save time with our partners' support dashboard that lets you access and communicate with your clients in a single platform.

For your clients: Cloud-based means payroll can be run or viewed anywhere. Employees have their own login account to update personal information, retrieve payslips, tax forms and reports though the online application.

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Growing your business in multiple countries.

For you: Spending less time on payroll frees up time for more strategic work as a trusted advisor. Gpayroll's Premium plans allow you to offer more services like leave, expense & timesheet management. Use our multi country platform to expand your services in 8 countries that we are in.

For your clients: Gpayroll’s Premium plans and benefits offerings give your clients access to the HR tools they need to build a great workplace and attract and retain talent. Coupled with leave, expense, timesheet and employment letters applications, client users enjoy the convenience of managing day to day HR matters in a organized way.

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