DBS BusinessClass SME Academy Series: 7 Lessons to Business Success

11 July, 2019
By G-Team in Partnership
Gpayroll - DBS HK SME
It has been an enriching event at DBS BusinessClass SME Academy which was held at Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong). Kicking off in the morning with Jay Chan from Technode giving an overview on the Hong Kong startup scene, this was followed by Tiffany Wan from Tencent WeStart sharing the next generation of co-working space.

So much was packed in a day, with a total of seven lessons from the delegates! Our team member, Hansel Choi, from Gpayroll was also there to share on how SMEs can best use technology to automate their payroll and HR functions. It was a great turn-out!
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Finding the right business partner for your Startup

05 February, 2019
By in Partnership

Finding The Right Business Partner For Your Startup

Starting a business is no doubt challenging. Despite the recent surge in startups across the world, we have also seen a fairly large number of these startups pulling out of the market in less than two years. Of course, this does not mean that setting up a business is equivalent to setting yourself up for failure. It is possible to overcome the high barriers of entry in any business startup. Understandably, facing these barriers to entry can be challenging if you were to go at it alone. That is why most entrepreneurs will choose to launch their company with one or several other business partners to lighten the load.

The advantages of starting a business with a couple of business partners are aplenty. From a business context, a business partner has a rather broad definition. It could mean having someone to work alongside you to build your business, or perhaps individuals or companies who contribute in specific areas, such as marketing, payroll etc. While there are definitely plenty of business partners available, the key here is to find good business partners that will contribute to the success of your startup.

If you are on the lookout for business partners but not sure where to start, here are some tips to find, evaluate and eventually work with a prospective business partner.

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Automate payroll & HR for you and your clients with Gpayroll

31 October, 2018
By G-Team in Partnership
Gpayroll payroll software blog - accounting payroll
When it comes to payroll, companies tend to have a difficult time classifying them under the appropriate department. Should payroll come under the purview of the Human Resources or Accounting department?Nike Jordan Super Fly 5
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Why Small Business Owners Should Attend At Least One Business Conference

09 March, 2018
By G-Team in Partnership
Gpayroll payroll software blog - conference
Love it or hate it, business conferences could be the ultimate boost you need to grow your business. Sceptics might wonder how you can grow your small business simply by sitting an large auditorium full of strangers and listening to speaker after speaker addressing small business issues you are already aware of. However, savvy small business owners know that these business conferences provide a platform to discover new opportunities, learn from other larger businesses and network with other peers to build valuable relationships in order to move the business forward.
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