Automation - Moving At The Speed Of Expectations

14 November, 2017
By G-Team in Technology
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Automation has always been an integral part of the workplace. Speed and innovation are critical success factors in today's digital workplace. In order for businesses to work as efficiently and productively as possible, companies have to learn how to integrate work processes with technology. Fortunately, with the proliferation of technology companies in the past few decades, organisations have been able to reap the benefits of ever-changing enhanced technology. Here are some areas within the workplace that are being automated as what we have expected.
Mobile workplace

The new generation of workers today probably cannot remember a world without mobile phones. Moreover, the expectation of today's workplace is one that is smaller physically while expanding virtually. Today, there is an increasing number of employees who work remotely. Also known as mobile employees, they have the flexibility to work from anywhere using multiple mobile devices. This could also include accessing their company's internal systems anywhere via their mobile devices. Essentially, the working space today does not refer to a mere cubicle in an office building but rather a 13-inch tablet or a 5.5-inch Apple iPhone.

Less administration and paperwork

Employees in the HR or accounting department are no doubt familiar with the mountains of paperwork involved in their daily work. From hardcopies of employees' timesheets to manual excel calculations or cheque salary disbursements for payroll, work processes particularly in these two departments can be extremely administrative. With the plethora of technology companies targeted at automating HR and accounting processes, this has certainly increased efficiency and productivity. For instance, with the introduction of Human Resources Management System (HRMS), HR professionals can easily store large volumes of employee and payroll data without having to worry about the lack of storage space. Moreover, there are various software systems out there that allow for integration across departments such as HR and accounting, thus further improving productivity within the organisation.

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days whereby organisations advertise their products or services through print advertisements such as magazines or flyers. In today's digital world, people are more connected on social media, the likes of Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat. As such, companies are moving away from print advertisement and focusing their marketing efforts in digital advertising. Along with the increasing need for digital marketing, this has lead to creation of jobs such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or digital marketing roles. Moreover, the demand such roles are likely to increase in the next few years given the digital workplace that companies are rapidly moving towards.

Moving towards a digital workplace is not a plan for the future, it is a transformation that organisations have to start making now. Organisations that are not digitally savvy will soon find themselves unable to compete and thereafter, becoming obsolete. However, companies today are still straddling the lines between being fully automated and enhancing technology to catch up with expectations and ideas. Nonetheless, one can definitely expect that the roadmap of the workplace is set to look extremely different within the next 10 years.

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