Using Technology For Other HR Functions Besides Payroll

03 October, 2017
By G-Team in Technology
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Unsurprisingly, most people think that HR technology simply means enhancing payroll processes with technological tools. With the buzz around Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) or online payroll software, there is no denying that technology has certainly streamlined and enhance payroll processes by leaps and bounds. However, there are other numerous HR functions that actually adopt technological tools to help optimise operations and improve efficiency. Here are other HR functions besides payroll whereby technology have a significant impact on.

Before the internet, recruiters have to rely on print publications such as newspapers or job flyers to advertise and get prospects for open positions. With the rise of networking applications such as LinkedIn and JobStreet, this is has certainly made recruiting much more effective. Not only does it help recruiters to reach out to a wider pool of candidates, it helps them narrow down to specific talents pools for the various job positions as well.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Given the number of employees that HR has to handle, it is expected that there would be a considerable amount of paperwork involved. Moreover, the HR department also have to keep most of these paperwork on file for a considerable period of time. Thanks to cloud-based applications, there is no longer the problem of "lack of storage space". Technology has made it extremely easy for HR professionals to store large amounts of employees' data online and easily retrieve this information whenever possible. Moreover, with the advancements in cyber security, the HR department can easily set up a strong online security system to prevent other employees from snooping around to gain access to these confidential information.


Information technology has made it possible for HR professionals to train new and existing employees in a more efficient manner. The ability to access company information and training materials from remote locations eliminates the need for HR trainers to travel down just for a one hour session explaining the company's HR policies. Moreover, the option of virtual classrooms makes it easier for the HR professional to train a large number of employees quickly and assess their progress through computerized testing programs as well.

Performance Management

Enhanced performance management is another by-product of technological improvements in the HR space. A formal employee review every half a year is fast becoming obsolete. HR professionals are now using software to assess employee performance and collect real-time employee feedback for the betterment of the company. Additionally, there are various software programs that allow HR professionals to analyse employee performance on a more granular level using metrics. This then helps the HR department to determine if employees are meeting the performance standards.

With properly deployed technology within the HR department, companies can reap the benefits of improved efficiency and lower costs. Additionally, it is key for employees to also equip themselves with the necessary technological skills in order to thrive in the digital age that we now live in. With a proper technology strategy within the HR department, it can in turn help the company to stay solvent in the tech-drive future.