The Importance of Strong Data Security

27 September, 2016
By G-Team in Technology
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Data security is imperative in every organisation. It is necessary to protect sensitive and confidential information within the organisation. However, while we are aware of the need for data security, most of us are ignorant about the importance of a strong and impervious data security. Very often, we simply make do with a relatively "complex" password or firewall to block out the ordinary user. However, in the hacking world, this is only a minor setback. The key to keeping out these relentless hackers is not simply ensuring data security, but a strong data security at best.
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Based on the 2015 Data Breach Statistics from Gemalto, an data protection company, only 4% of the total breaches involved data that was encrypted in part or in full. This means that only a handful of companies bothered to implemented strong encryption within their organisation, while the rest might simply leave the "prize" exposed to hackers.

What Can Be Done?

It Starts With Policies

Policies form the keystone to your data security process. They define how your organisation will conduct the security implementation within your organisation. These policies do not necessarily have to be very lengthy. In essence, they simply need to be detailed and straight to the point, addressing the key security issues specific to the organisation.

The next step to policy implementation is procedures. Defining a clear set of procedures ad guidelines ensure that your organisation follows through on the proper implementation of data security in the organisation. Ideally, the procedures have to be very detailed. This is to ensure that whenever someone new or unfamiliar with the security functions is able to follow the procedures and complete the implementation.

Emphasize On Encryption

Encryption is a critical component of security. Additionally, a strong encryption means that is unbreakable. Remember, any loopholes in your encryption will be exploited by hackers. Invest in a strong encryption system to safeguard your private and confidential company data. Many data breaches reported is largely due to the lack of a strong and robust encryption in place.

Building A Security Culture

Do not undermine the importance of security culture within the organisation. Building a strong security culture is an important determinant in the sustainability of an organisation in terms of information risk. Creating security training programmes, educating employees on the importance of data security and supporting security training among IT and security staff goes towards fostering a positive security culture. The key is to get everyone involved, so that each and every employee understand the importance of having a strong data security within the organisation.

Remember that having data security is not sufficient. It has to be a strong one, with robust encryption. This will go a long way in protecting your critical data and ensuring that your organisation is always one step ahead of potential hackers or cyber criminals.