Importance of customer support in the SaaS industry

17 December, 2015
By G-Team in Technology
highlighting customer service
With the proliferation of cloud-based software in the cyberworld, this term, Software as a Service, or SaaS in short, pops up recurrently. While cloud computing is the latest technology trend in companies these days, most have only briefly come across this concept of SaaS.
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So, what is SaaS?

Based on the definition from SalesForce, “SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the Internet – as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.” Essentially, SaaS allows data to be accessed virtually from any device simply with an Internet connection and a web browser.

In a report released in 2011 by Gartner, a leading technology research firm, it found that more than 95 percent of the organisations surveyed expect to maintain or increase their investments in SaaS. Not surprisingly, there is an uphill trend in the adoption of SaaS by companies, as users become more acquainted with cloud technology and the benefits associated with it. However, there are still several challenges faced by users in this transition to the cloud-dominated software market.   

What challenges do SaaS companies face?

One of the top challenges faced by SaaS companies is integration. Given that the SaaS industry is considerably young compared to the larger IT and software industries, there is a shortage of available integration resources to existing software in companies. Furthermore, with SaaS deployments comes the lengthy and complex implementation process. The integration responsibility rests on the shoulders of SaaS and cloud vendors as only this small community have the necessary expertise to assist their prospective customers.

Another challenge faced by SaaS companies is the acquisition of customers. When it comes to SaaS product distribution, many companies simply focus on the direct sales, partnerships and other growth generation strategies to acquire customers. While it is easy to attract new customers, it is the maintenance of customer-business relationships that proves to be an arduous task.

Why is customer support important?

According to a Customer Experience Impact Report conducted by Oracle in 2011, 50 percent of consumers give a brand only one week to response to a question before they stop doing business with them. A quick reply can make a tremendous difference. By simply acknowledging customers’ queries and complaints, companies can still stand to win back their frustrated customers.

Customer support is the key to market an excellent product in any organisation, as it is for a SaaS company. These days, an extensive network of SaaS users stem from word of mouth, which comes only after a user has used the product and examined its support responses. A poor customer support can become a significant inhibitor to a SaaS company despite having the best SaaS-based product in the market.

One of the best ways to maintain good customer links is to constantly stay in touch with the customers and responding to their queries within 24 hours. By providing various points of interactions such as online chats, emails, phone calls or even social media, it can allow users to reach out for support easily. The swifter the response, the better impression imprinted on the prospective customer.

Our customer support system at Gpayroll

At Gpayroll, we value the importance of customer service and constantly strive to provide exceptional customer service to our users. Hence, we saw the need to implement our 24 hour response policy. We do regular follow-ups with prospective clients after their entitlement for a free trial and organize face-to-face session to better understand and gather feedback. To allow customers to reach out to us easily regarding troubleshooting queries, we provide several contact platforms such as support hotline, live chats, emails and onsite visits. In addition, with a local customer support personnel, it allows our valued customers to reach out to us with a quicker turnaround time. As quoted from our local customer service personnel Michelle Ng, "Product and price advantage can be easily duplicated but a strong customer culture can't be copied”. Here at Gpayroll, our customers are at the heart of our organisation.