The Role of Wearable Technology in HR

14 June, 2016
By G-Team in Technology
HR wearable devices
Technology is literally woven more into our lives now with the launch wearable gadgets, such as the Apple Watch by tech giant, Apple in 2015. Along came more of such similar electronic gadgets that serve more than just an accessory on our body, such as Fitbit and Oculus Rift. Such gadgets have been coined the term - wearable technology.
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Why you need to start beefing up your data security

26 May, 2016
By G-Team in Technology
payroll data protection and security
Last month, 11 organisations in Singapore were fined by the Personal Data Protection Commission for breaching the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). These organisations failed to ensure robust data security measures on the personal data of its employees, thus resulting in the leakage of personal information on a publicly accessible website during the 2014 database breach.
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How to prepare for a successful HR technology rollout

31 March, 2016
By G-Team in Technology
HR technology rollout
Your company has recently purchased a new online payroll software. Your department is stoked to quickly implement it and see the way it would help to streamline your HR payroll administrative processes, improve employee engagement or support the company's milestones in future.  However, now that the time has come to start using this new payroll software, your subordinates seem to be struggling with understanding the technical aspects. No one seems to be on the same page and you are starting to wonder why you made the decision to purchase this payroll software in the first place. To complicate things further, the support and services from your payroll vendor, does not seem to be there.
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Cloud Computing - A Silver Lining for SMEs?

24 March, 2016
By G-Team in Technology
cloud computing a silver lining for SMEs
Gpayroll has published an article in ASME Entrepreneurs' Digest Mar/Apr 2016 issue! Didn't managed to get a copy? Fret not, here is the article!
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