Tips To Digitally Engage Your Workforce

23 April, 2019
By in Technology
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Employee engagement has been an ongoing hot topic in companies these days. And there are many reasons as to why it remains as a hot topic amongst top management and leaders today - an engaged workforce translates to more productive workers.

While most companies would think of employee engagement as face-to-face interaction, such as holding town halls or conducting employee engagement surveys, it might be surprising to know that technology can actually play a huge role in keeping employees engaged.

Here are three suggestions to incorporate technology as part of your employee engagement strategy:

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Three Lessons Learnt From Rapid Technology Advancements

12 April, 2019
By G-Team in Technology
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Ten years ago, helicopter taxis would have sounded as a ludicrous idea and catered only for the very rich. Fast forward today, we have silent cars from Tesla, self-drive cars driving around in Google campus in United States, drone deliveries within countries - technology has certainly advanced at an extraordinary rate in recent years.
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Singaporeans are progressively doing business over instant messaging

12 February, 2019
By in Technology

Singaporeans Are Progressively Doing Business Over Instant Messaging

Once viewed primarily as a secret language used by teenagers, instant messaging (IM) has now evolved into a communicative tool for businesses. The likes of communicative tools such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype etc are gradually welcomed in the workplace, to support or even replace traditional forms of communications.

Singapore is experiencing this shift in a major way and it definitely comes as no surprise. Singaporeans are already using instant messaging more than other markets, with 76% of people using it every day, primarily through Facebook and WhatsApp.

IM is no doubt gaining momentum in the workplace as the benefits it offers for businesses are aplenty. Here are some of the IM's pros that businesses can stand to gain.

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Finding The Right Business Partner For Your Startup

01 January, 2019
By G-Team in Technology
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Starting a business is no doubt challenging. Despite the recent surge in startups across the world, we have also seen a fairly large number of these startups pulling out of the market in less than two years. Of course, this does not mean that setting up a business is equivalent to setting yourself up for failure. It is possible to overcome the high barriers of entry in any business startup. Understandably, facing these barriers to entry can be challenging if you were to go at it alone. That is why most entrepreneurs will choose to launch their company with one or several other business partners to lighten the load.
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