Using Your Personal Password At Work

29 May, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll payroll software blog - password
Let’s face it – human beings are not exactly the best at remembering things. When it comes to choosing a password for work, we tend to opt for something convenient and easy to remember. Whether it is subconscious or not, the chosen password is more often than not the same as that of our personal social media or email accounts. At the very most, we do a half-hearted attempt at varying the password, perhaps changing the last letter or including an extra digit at the end.
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4 HR Tool Mistakes That Might Cost You

10 April, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll payroll software blog - tools
As a small business, finding the right HR tools is more challenging than it is for a huge corporation. Unlike large organisations, your small business might lack the necessary capital to invest in more expensive HR resources.

More often than not, many small businesses tend to make costly mistakes when trying to find the right HR tools. If you, as a small business owner, is unsure what to look out for, here are some of these mistakes which you definitely cannot afford to make when choosing your HR tools.
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Think You Are Productive At Work? Think Again.

27 March, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll payroll software blog - officework
After spending the first half of the morning reading and clearing emails, followed by working on a project for the entire afternoon before heading home, it might seem that your work day was relatively productive. After all, you managed to get some progress on that important project that your team has won right?
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Perks Of Setting Up A Startup In Thailand

26 March, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll payroll software blog - thailand
Beyond Silicon Valley, home to some of the top-funded startups today, Southeast Asia is seeing its fair share of startups that are on key investors' watch list.

According to an infographic by Tech In Asia, 2017 saw startups in Southeast Asian strike a record of USD7.8 billion in disclosed funding deals. This is a 212 per cent jump of 2016's figure of USD2.5 billion.

Of course, with Southeast Asia being made up of several countries, any business owner might wonder where is the best place to set up their business entity. Perhaps one place to consider would be Thailand.
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