[Guide] Using forfeit reminder on leave software

14 August, 2018
By in Payroll

Need to remind your employees on their carried forward leaves? Well then this guide is here to help you! Take a look at how to set up the forfeit reminder. 

Once you have logged onto your Gpayroll account, you will have to click on “Leave Management”. Once you click on Leave Management, you will be directed to the Leave management module page!

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Leave management

Once on the page, you will have to click on Configurations, which would show a drop down list, in which you will have to click on “Forfeit Reminder”. On this page, you can choose the employees who have carried forward leaves from previous year and send them a Forfeit email notification. So when will the list of employees be available for Admin user to send out the email notification?

For example, if the leave type is set by :

1.    Calendar year : Jan to Dec 19, the names will be shown on the Forfeit Reminder list on 1 Jan 2019
2.    Fiscal Year : April 19 to Mar 20, the names will be shown on the Forfeit Reminder list on 1 Apr 2019
3.    Anniversary : e.g. Jun 19 to May 20, the names will be shown on the Forfeit Reminder list on 1 Jun 2019

Screenshot 168


Here is a sample of a Reminder!

Screenshot 169

Do note that this forfeit reminder list is only applicable for leave carried forward. Only leave types that allow leave carry over will appear in the list.

It’s this easy!

For a video tutorial on how to use forfeit reminder on leave software, click here!

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