[Guide] Syncing unpaid leaves & claims to Payroll

02 August, 2018
By in Payroll

With this Gpayroll feature, syncing your unpaid leaves & claims cannot be any easier! Within minutes and everything is synced! Take a look as to how you can go about syncing your unpaid leave & claims with Gpayroll now. 

Once you have logged on to your Gpayroll account, you will have to click on “Leave Management” under Modules.

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Leave management

Once on the page seen below, you will have to click on “Application Process” under Application & Balance Process. This is where you will be able to see all the leaves submitted by your employees!

application process

Since this guide is on Unpaid Leave, we will choose just the employees who have submitted Unpaid Leave.

selecting no pay leave

After which, you will have to select the Payroll Month and Year.

payroll month year


Once you click Submit, the selected leaves would be moved to the Processed Leaves section from the Approved Leaves section.

pending to accept section

gone to pending to accept

To submit claims to Payroll, you will have to click on “Expense Claim” Module. Under Approved Claims, select the claims that you would like to submit to Payroll

Screenshot 99

Now you will have to go to the Run Page, under Payroll. When there, once you have selected the number of employees you are processing for payroll, there will be a prompt letting you know that there is Leave Data & Claims that is ready to be included, as seen in the picture below.

leave data for payroll processin

Once you click Proceed, you will be led to Run Payroll Page. At the bottom of the page, you will have an option “Summary”.

summary button


When you click the Summary Button, an excel file containing Eleave and Eclaim will be downloaded, which would open up to show the summary of unpaid leaves and claims.

unpaid leave summary

For a video tutorial on how to sync unpaid leave & claims to payroll, click here!

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