[Guide] Viewing and/or downloading Payslips

19 July, 2018
By in Payroll

Payslips are so much easier to access when they are online, aren't they? It is so much more convenient to be able to view your payslips and download them for safekeeping. We've put together a guide on how to do so.

Once logged into your Gpayroll account, Under the Payroll Tab, you would be able to see a Payslips sub-tab. When you click on that sub-tab, your payslip history page would appear. Once you view this page, when you click “View Employee”, you will be able to see all of your current employees.

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After which, you can click on “View” to see the paycheck or you can choose to download the payslip as a PDF, depending on your convenience!


In the case that you are downloading it as PDF, you can choose to download all employees’ payslips by clicking Select All. You will be given the option to have separate PDFs for each employee or have all employees’ paycheck combined into one PDF!


For a video tutorial on "How to view/download payslips, click here!

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