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25 October, 2017
By G-Team in Payroll
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Access management is the process of granting authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. Access management can also be referred to as rights management or identity management. Over here, we will share with you where to setup the access and what does each access represents.
To setup the access, go to "Access Management" on the left-hand menu. Click on "View" under User Access Management.

Under "Internal" tab, admin user can create the access rights for each employee by clicking "View".

Click on "Edit", then set up the access for each of the module.

After setting the access, click "Save".

  1. Main Module - You can grant different access for admin user to view or edit the employee's personal data and payroll data.
  2. Payroll Module - You can grant admin access for payroll based on functions.
  3. Employee User - User will have the access to view their own personal details, online payslip, perform online leave and claim application.
  4. Manager User - User will have the access to perform leave and claim approval.
  5. HR Admin - User will have the access to apply leave and claim on behalf of employees. User has the full rights to configure leave and claim policies of the company. User also has the rights to generate leave and claim reports of the company.
  6. HR User - This access is available on leave/claim/timesheet module. User will have the same access right as HR Admin except that user do not have the access to sync leave/claim/timesheets to payroll for processing.
Why access management is important:
  • „„Controlled access to services ensures that the organization is able to maintain more effectively the confidentiality of its information
  • „„Employees have the right level of access to execute their jobs effectively
  • „„The ability to audit use of services and to trace the abuse of services
  • „„The ability to revoke access rights when needed – an important security consideration
  • „„May be needed for regulatory compliance
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