Delivering results from your technology projects

21 January, 2020
By G-Team in Technology
Automation today is fast becoming an integral part of today’s workplace. At the same time, HR is also jumping on the bandwagon in technology adoption. While technology certain aids in enhancing productivity and improving workflow processes, critical technology initiatives can still fall flat at an alarming rate.
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Turning A Business Idea Into A Success

25 October, 2019
By G-Team in Technology
As many successful people and business leaders like to put it, in order to be success, one has to dream big. There is a certain truth to that - with life examples like Mark Zuckerberg who founded social media platform, Facebook and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. However, who lies behind these successful stories were a path of sheer determination, hard work and grit. Quitting your job or dropping out of school to pursue your dream is certainly a huge leap of faith. While most of us would dream of a seemingly profitable business idea, only a handful would really act on it. However, that does not mean that the chances of succeeding at your business idea is slim. Here are some tips in which you can still turn your business idea into a success and become a successful entrepreneur.
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Three Lessons Learnt From Rapid Technology Advancements

12 April, 2019
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll - digital technology
Ten years ago, helicopter taxis would have sounded as a ludicrous idea and catered only for the very rich. Fast forward today, we have silent cars from Tesla, self-drive cars driving around in Google campus in United States, drone deliveries within countries - technology has certainly advanced at an extraordinary rate in recent years.
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Singaporeans are progressively doing business over instant messaging

19 February, 2019
By Dharshini in Technology

Singaporeans Are Progressively Doing Business Over Instant Messaging

Once viewed primarily as a secret language used by teenagers, instant messaging (IM) has now evolved into a communicative tool for businesses. The likes of communicative tools such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype etc are gradually welcomed in the workplace, to support or even replace traditional forms of communications.

Singapore is experiencing this shift in a major way and it definitely comes as no surprise. Singaporeans are already using instant messaging more than other markets, with 76% of people using it every day, primarily through Facebook and WhatsApp.

IM is no doubt gaining momentum in the workplace as the benefits it offers for businesses are aplenty. Here are some of the IM's pros that businesses can stand to gain.


With IM, you simply type a quick message, hit the "send" button and seconds later, your message pops up on the receiver's screen. Essentially, IM cuts out the "chit chat" of a phone call and lets you avoid the disappointing game of voicemall. In short, IM allows you to have your queries or questions answered quickly and almost instantly.

Email Reduction

Similar the first point, IM eliminates the lag in e-mail response time. Instead of having to go back and forth with a colleague, raking up thirty email in each other's inbox on the same subject, you can easily discuss the matter over IM. Additionally, it saves you the additional time to clear your inbox as well.

Improve customer service

IM can help you serve your customers more efficiently. For instance, if a client calls you with an important question that you cannot answer, you can easily check who is available on the company's IM service and an instant message to the appropriate person for an answer. With this, you do not have to waste time trying to track down that particular someone for an answer. Most importantly, you managed to serve your client's needs right away as well!

IM customer service

Team collaboration

Many wireless devices allow you to IM whether you are using a smartphone or with a WiFi signal. With mobile IM, this helps you to stay connected with your clients and colleagues while on the go. Moreover, it allows you to instantly "chat" with your colleagues or clients in places where a phone conversation would not be feasible such as in a noisy cafe or a busy airport lounge.

Besides the pros, there are bound to be cons when it comes to implementing IM within the workplace. However, the key is to consider both pros and cons and to implement a robust IM policy within the company. After all, the whole purpose of IM is to enable your employees to be more productive, not destructive.