Reinventing the role of HR today

10 October, 2019
By G-Team

HR today is at a crossroad. Once designed to be an administrative people management and payroll department, HR today has to be agile, business-integrated and strategic.

Given the advancements in technology and the modernising shift in workplace mindsets today, HR no longer takes the backseat in terms of critical work functions. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of business, HR has to step up its game and reinvent its skills and capabilities in ensure alignment with the organisation's goals.

Here are some ways in which HR can reinvent itself to avoid status quo within the organisation.

Rid the administrative mindset

Gone are the days whereby the HR department has to deal with mountains of paperwork - be it applicants' resumes, payroll reports, employees' leave attendance or employees' claims reimbursement. Today, almost all of these administrative HR processes are well taken care of by cloud-based HR software such as HR Information Systems (HRIS). Likewise, these administrative tasks can easily be outsourced to a third-party HR provider. Essentially, HR should minimise the amount of administrative work and focus on spearheading strategic initiatives for employees within the organisation.

Direct payroll issues to accounting

Accountants are the best people to handle large databases of numbers. As such, it is best to direct majority of compensation-related or even tax matters to accounting. This will then leave the HR department with more time to focus on other duties as opposed to the monotony of processing payroll.

Aligning HR with the right people

To avoid HR status quo, it is important to align the HR department with the right people. Instead of merely continuing with the administrative processes within the HR department, why not challenge that notion and work with other departments on strategic decisions regarding human capital? It could be decisions pertaining to where or how the organisation's funds are spent on human capital, taking charge for employment decisions and presenting detailed HR analysis such as annual turnover rates to top management. The key here is to align HR with the right people in order to make the largest impact within the organisation.

Today's modern workplace presents a challenge and opportunity for HR to reinvent itself and be involved in strategic decision-making. Additionally, HR today is not just a department that merely takes care of employee relations, grievances or payroll. Instead, the HR today has to act as a business partner and collaborate with the various departments to meet the human capital needs for each department and ensure alignment with the overall organisation's goals.

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