Giving yourself a "salary hike"

12 November, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll

Giving Yourself A Salary Hike

With the rising inflation rates and higher costs of living, it might seem that saving money from our monthly salaries should be high on our priority list. However, with the seemingly astronomical increase in inflation rates and cost of living, the annual salary raises that we look forward to might not be sufficient to keep us afloat in the coming years.

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Your HR Chatbot Assistant

05 November, 2019
By Dharshini in Human Resource

Your HR Chatbot Assistant

Artificial intelligence and digitalisation brings about a new wave of technological tools. From fancy cloud-based software to robotics, these technological innovations have vastly enhanced workplace processes. One such technological tool would be the introduction of chat bots.

As defined by Technopedia, chatbots are defined as “an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals.” Chatbots are typically used in customer service, whereby it beats having someone physically sitting there 24 hours a day answering customers’ queries.

Increasingly, chatbots are being adopted in various other workplace processes such as supporting the HR department with the recruitment process. This includes receiving applicants’ resumes, scheduling interviews and supporting the onboarding. In short, chatbots can help to expedite the recruitment process significantly reduce the amount of time spent on recruitment, freeing up more time for the HR department to focus on other strategic HR initiatives.

Here are some ways in which chatbots can be incorporated into your recruitment process.

Scheduling appointments

Chatbots can help with scheduling job applicants’ interview time slots based on your calendar or your colleague’s calendar. A lengthy interview scheduling process can create a bad impression on your employer branding, and you might end up losing the candidate to a competitor simply because he or she had to wait for weeks simply to for interview time slot. With a chatbot that has employees’ calendar synced to it, it can easily access employees’ calendar and determine their availability. With this real-time availability, job applicants can easily book an interview time slot through the chatbot. Internally, this helps to reduce the mistake of double booking or rescheduling as well.


Customer service

There is bound to be a point in time whereby employees would constantly ring up the HR department enquiring about HR policies or benefits that can be easily found on the HR intranet. Or job applicants sending multiple HR-related emails to the HR department. Chatbots can help to minimise the frequency of such situations and easily provide the answers that both employees and job applicants are looking for. With this “instant messaging” platform with the chatbot, it can significantly help to improve employee satisfaction and create a positive employer branding on potential candidates as well.

New hire onboarding

When a new hire joins the company, the questions are likely to be repeated - what are my employee benefits, who do I call if i require technical assistance on my laptop. Given the predictability of these questions, the answers to these questions can be easily compiled and incorporated via the chatbot.


Employees’ virtual assistant

Chatbots can also act as virtual assistant to employees. For instance, instead of having to physically be in office to report sick, employees can use the chatbot to “chat” in sick or if they require to take urgent personal time off. Likewise, employees can also make use of chatbots to schedule meetings, apply for time off and other administrative tasks that previously might require an email or phone call. This helps employees to save time and increase productivity as well.

Implementing a chatbot for the organisation can be a relatively seamless process if you already have proper policies and procedures in place. However, do note that there are also other issues to consider such as information security, legal issues and data privacy. It is imperative to also ensure that employees are aware of the intent of the chatbot - while some might be open to the idea, others might be hesitant towards the idea of a chatbot within the organisation.

Delightful payroll experience that you can't resist

01 November, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Can you associate "payroll" and "delight" together? You definitely can. With a wide array of payroll software vendors out there offering more or less the same features and functionalities, it is a hard to decide which one to go for. Even for those who are using a payroll software, many are procrastinating on the switch because they are not able to see a strong reason to change. However, it is not too difficult to make a choice. Choose between a painful payroll experience versus a delightful one. A rational decision is to go for the later.

At Gpayroll, we want our customers to enjoy their payroll experience. Starting from the initial implementation to the regular monthly payroll processing, our Customer Success team is there to offer you the help you needed. If you have been following us, you will know that we beat out 18 other companies to emerge as the winner of the inaugural HR Tech Pitch-Fest at HR Festival 2019. Excuse us for flaunting it a little. We are definitely not shy to share what it is that makes us uniquely different from the others. So what are our unique selling points?

Customers always want more

Payroll functionalities like payroll calculation, electronic payslips, employee self-service and standard integration with accounting softwares with Xero and Quickbooks, we have it all. But that is not enough. We have "something" more and that is we are the first and only payroll software vendor that has AutoWage & AutoFiling. What exactly does that mean and how does it help in delighting our customers?

Spending hours doing salary payments and statutory filing yourself? That's boring and a waste of time. We are pretty sure you do not want to miss out what we are going to share below. You will be delighted to know that "somebody" can do the salary payments and statutory filing for you. Gpayroll is the "somebody". Our payroll software can automatically disburses salaries and files monthly provident fund on your behalf.
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Understanding Priorities To Optimise Productivity Within The Workplace

29 October, 2019
By Dharshini in Human Resource

Understanding Priorities To Optimise Productivity Within The Workplace

Every employee in the workplace will always lament the amount of work that they have on their plate. It is therefore no surprise that employees will try to schedule their day such that they are able to work with full concentration and minimal disruptions.

However that is not always the case, particularly if you are managing a team of employees where conversations might happen outside of regularly-scheduled times. Managers will then have to learn how to accommodate such impromptu situations. If you are one of those managers who find yourself caught more often than not in a similar situation, here are ways to manage your employees’ and your own priorities to improve productivity within the workplace.

Create open office hours

If you are the type of manager that has back to back meetings every day or regular client meeting off site, it might be helpful to set aside office hours on certain days. That way, your employees will know when to reach you and to schedule discussions instead of having to bombard you with enquiry emails.

Walking around

Instead of having your employees scrambling to find you or trying to block time on your calendar, consider walking to your employees’ desks to discuss work-related issues or simply to understand how your employees are coping in terms of workload. Your employees will certainly appreciate you going the extra mile to get to know them better and you might learn a thing or two about your employees as well.

Do not dismiss happy hour

Hanging out with your employees might sound like a case of awkward conversations and uncomfortable silences. However, it can also be a great relationship builder between you and your employees. Given that is after office hours, employees might feel more comfortable and share more as opposed to scheduling a formal meeting during office hours. So make it a point to have regular "happy hours" with your employees and find out what is going on at ground level.


Make use of technology

Technology today allow organisations to automate and streamline numerous processes. Technically, this should help to free up managers' time right? Spend this additional time with your employees - be it having regular conversations with them to understand their personal and career aspirations or checking in on their workload capacity.

The key point here is to first understand the importance of making time to spend time and talk with your employees. Once that priority has been established and ingrained within, it will be easier to incorporate this priority into your schedule such as changing the way you manage external meetings and work times. This then becomes a win-win situation for you and your employees alike.