Delivering results from your technology projects

21 January, 2020
By G-Team in Technology
Automation today is fast becoming an integral part of today’s workplace. At the same time, HR is also jumping on the bandwagon in technology adoption. While technology certain aids in enhancing productivity and improving workflow processes, critical technology initiatives can still fall flat at an alarming rate.
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Companies Are Doing This One Thing To Reduce Employee Stress

14 January, 2020
By G-Team in Payroll
In a survey conducted by investment management company, BlackRock in 2017, survey results show that Singaporeans are worried about outliving their retirement savings.

According to the survey results, 64% of Singaporeans are worried about running out of retirement. This figure is the highest proportion across the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, nearly nine out of ten Singaporeans believe that they are responsible for their own retirement savings. However, less than three-quarters of the survey respondents have started saving.
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Does The “Unconscious Bias” Problem Exist In Your Office?

07 January, 2020
By RenQun Huang in Human Resource
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In every organisation, there are a myriad of problems within the office. It can be a perpetual feud with an co-worker, overload of work, unhappiness with senior leaders’ management style or the general workplace culture. But have you ever heard of the “unconscious bias” problem?
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Creating compelling learning programmes for Millenials

31 December, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource

Millennials are a demanding albeit unique demographic cohort. Also known as the Generation Y, it is made up of individuals who are born after the Generation X, with birth years between the early 1980s and early 2000s.

Today, Millennials are the most talked-about and employers and senior management are scratching their heads on how to deal with them within the workplace. On one hand, Millennials seem to be an obnoxious generation – picky about the type of jobs they want or demanding for specific benefits within the organisation. Yet, they are decisive in their choices and clear about the direction that they want to head towards in life.

With this generation poised to take over the workforce in the coming years and the rise of digitalization and emerging new skills, it is of course imperative to train these “new recruits” to be ready for the workforce. However, be mindful that a traditional classroom setting or inviting an expert to the office is unlikely to work magic on this new age generation. Here are some ways to create compelling learning programmes for millennials in the workplace.

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