Giving yourself a "salary hike"

12 November, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll

With the rising inflation rates and higher costs of living, it might seem that saving money from our monthly salaries should be high on our priority list. However, with the seemingly astronomical increase in inflation rates and cost of living, the annual salary raises that we look forward to might not be sufficient to keep us afloat in the coming years.

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Delightful payroll experience that you can't resist

01 November, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Can you associate "payroll" and "delight" together? You definitely can. With a wide array of payroll software vendors out there offering more or less the same features and functionalities, it is a hard to decide which one to go for. Even for those who are using a payroll software, many are procrastinating on the switch because they are not able to see a strong reason to change. However, it is not too difficult to make a choice. Choose between a painful payroll experience versus a delightful one. A rational decision is to go for the later.

At Gpayroll, we want our customers to enjoy their payroll experience. Starting from the initial implementation to the regular monthly payroll processing, our Customer Success team is there to offer you the help you needed. If you have been following us, you will know that we beat out 18 other companies to emerge as the winner of the inaugural HR Tech Pitch-Fest at HR Festival 2019. Excuse us for flaunting it a little. We are definitely not shy to share what it is that makes us uniquely different from the others. So what are our unique selling points?

Customers always want more

Payroll functionalities like payroll calculation, electronic payslips, employee self-service and standard integration with accounting softwares with Xero and Quickbooks, we have it all. But that is not enough. We have "something" more and that is we are the first and only payroll software vendor that has AutoWage & AutoFiling. What exactly does that mean and how does it help in delighting our customers?

Spending hours doing salary payments and statutory filing yourself? That's boring and a waste of time. We are pretty sure you do not want to miss out what we are going to share below. You will be delighted to know that "somebody" can do the salary payments and statutory filing for you. Gpayroll is the "somebody". Our payroll software can automatically disburses salaries and files monthly provident fund on your behalf.
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Understanding Priorities to optimise productivity within the workplace

29 October, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource

Every employee in the workplace will always lament the amount of work that they have on their plate. It is therefore no surprise that employees will try to schedule their day such that they are able to work with full concentration and minimal disruptions.

However that is not always the case, particularly if you are managing a team of employees where conversations might happen outside of regularly-scheduled times. Managers will then have to learn how to accommodate such impromptu situations. If you are one of those managers who find yourself caught more often than not in a similar situation, here are ways to manage your employees’ and your own priorities to improve productivity within the workplace.

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How Cloud Strategy Helps Businesses

28 October, 2019
By Guest in Technology
Marc Benioff, CEO of has famously stated that “cloud computing is a better way to run your business.” Supporting this claim by Marc Benioff, Dell has reported that companies that invest in cloud computing have experienced up to 53% faster revenue growth than peers not adopting this technology! But although cloud computing has been around for approximately two decades, much of the business community has yet to adopt this technology - so what exactly is cloud computing?
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