Tips to reduce payroll stress

01 December, 2015
By G-Team in Payroll
relaxing without the worrying about payroll

When the entire organisation is depending on you to get paid, there is no room for any marginal error. One little mistake can be extremely costly and time-consuming to rectify the problem. Payroll is a repetitive and tedious, yet unavoidable part of doing business. As payroll employees are constantly dealing with the dollars and cents, these workers have to possess a high level of accuracy and attentiveness to details.

In addition to ensuring that payroll calculations are correct, payroll stress also stems from juggling other employee benefits such as no pay leave, bonuses or making tax payments on behalf of employees. This stress is further heightened if the company has operations in various countries, whereby tax laws and benefit polices differ geographically. This makes payroll one of the most cumbersome and highly stressful jobs for many businesses.

While payroll may be an uphill task for many organisations, it is undeniably essential to keep track of payroll in order to run the company smoothly. A well-implemented payroll system within the company can take the anxiety out of doing payroll. Here are some tips to beating payroll stress:

Basic Payroll Management

The very first step to reducing payroll stress is to understand the requirements of payroll. By familiarizing oneself with the basic payroll processes, tax legislations and necessary administrative duties, this can allow one to pinpoint where the payroll bottleneck occurs. Organisations can send their payroll employees for basic payroll training to develop their understanding of the basic payroll elements. With the acquired knowledge, it allows these payroll workers to be more aware when handling payroll administrative duties.

Consistency is the key

Payroll must be consistently updated on a regular basis without fail. One forgotten entry of a newly-joined employee, for instance, may result in a lot of time wasted in payroll recalculations. By establishing a consistent payroll schedule, this can ensure employees are being paid on time and taxes are timely filed. This can minimise the stress of last-minute payroll administration, thus reducing potential payroll mistakes.

Find the right payroll system

With a good payroll system, this can take out the headache of manual payroll calculations and audits. Companies should find a payroll system that is able to integrate their payroll and bookkeeping records in a convenient manner. Not only does this save a lot of time on the tedious and mundane chore of payroll calculations, it is more accurate and resource-efficient in the long run.

When you do not have a proper payroll system in place, these payroll administrative processes can get out of hand at times. Engaging a proper payroll provider is a great way to save time, money and most importantly, the stress.

 How can Gpayroll help?

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